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SAM FOX Association
"Be a part of perfection..."
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Welcome to the new
SAM FOX Association Website!

We are pleased to present the most robust and dynamic website the association has had to date.  This site serves as a single source for all things SAM FOX!. 

This site has lots of potential and like all other things SAM FOX, it will thrive with the passionate and dedicated support of members like yourself. 

So sign in or sign up today and
"Be a part of perfection..."


How to get started...

Access to this site requires SAM FOX Association members to be current on their membership dues.  Membership is $30 for each triennial period.  We are currently in the 2015-2018 Triennial Period.  Dues are the same regardless of when paid during each 3 year period; meaning payment keeps you current through 31 October 2018.  

Active Alumni - If you are an active alumni (paid your 2015-2018 triennial dues) you should have received an email or letter with your log-on information, follow those instructions and log-in above.

Expired Alumni - If you are a SAM FOX Association alumni and have not paid your 2015-2018 triennial dues, use the log on information emailed to you, sign in and submit your triennial dues via credit card or mail payment via check.  Once payment is received you are a current Active SAM FOX Association alumni through 1 November 2018.  Mail payments to:

    SAM FOX Association
    P.O.Box 837
    Clinton, MD 20735-0837
Active Duty 
- If you are or were assigned to the 89 Airlift Wing and are still on active duty your membership is FREE!  Simply send an email from your military email account to requesting to be a member.  Once approved, you'll receive an email granting you log-on information.

Prospective Members - If you previously served as a SAM FOX Member (in the 89 AW or its predecessor units) then you may request membership by clicking MEMBER SIGN UP above and enter the requested information.  Your application will be reviewed by a member of the board for approval.  Expect a reply with in 3 business days of application.   

If you have any questions about membership, contact us at